A True Leader of Men.

angela 1


The Whois record that shows the registration of the angela4leader domainshows  the amazing prescience of an ex tony Blair Special advisor Joe McCrea,  due to it’s anachronistic nature…

The site was registered not only before ms Eagles resignation from the shadow cabinet but before the Labour party leader ,Jeremy Corbyn, sacked Hillary Ben.

The event that is cited as triggering the revolt against the democratically elected

Corbyn who again appealed for the party to “Come together” today after talks betweenTom Watson and UNITE broke down.

Mr Watsom was at Glastonbury Music festival when the initial situation arose.

Eagle,formerly a minister of state at the department of work and pensions ,under Gordon Browns government ,is expected to announce her leadership challenge on monday after the recent vote of no confidence from 170+ Labour M.P’s in the leadership of mr Corbyn.

Labour membership has increased by 100,000 since the E.U referendum on the 23rd of June, bringing overall membership to it’s highest since the 1970’s…

Angela Eagle practices the art of “Time Travel”…



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