Walking on Glass…The existential crisis ofthe labour party.

There is an old saying , “Politicians come to do good and stay to do well”

Today we have the announcement that Angela eagle plans to “heal” the party that herself and 170+ other elected M.P’s within the Labour Party threw in to “Existential Crisis”… @ a time when the country needed stability following the vote by the British public to leave the E.U.

It has been suggested that the Labour M.P’s were simply biding thier time and waiting for an excuse,any excuse,to depose Jeremy corbyn. The leave vote gave them just that.

Indeed three reasons have been repeated mantra like since the coup began.

  1. E.U Referendum: Corbyns inability to sheperd the traditional voter base to vote remain.
  2. The sacking of Hillary Benn.
  3. Jeremy is not a leader (see 1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            After all they only put him on the ticket for leadership, following the defeat in the general election and resignation of Milliband , a leader that the 170+ were convinced could win…                                                                                                                Corbyn  won with 60% of the vote and attracted more new membership than at any other time since the 1970’s….                                                                                          Following the referendum,it became clear that traditional Labour voters had issues….in the form of Migration,a taboo subject within the Labour party and one they refused to even address…                                                                                                The 170+  have become aware that Arron Bank’s estimate of UKIP taking 40 + seats from Labour  may not be far wrong under these circumstances.                          Then there is TRIDENT: the vote by M.p’s will take place on the 18th July- ten days from now…Jeremy Corbyn , a life long member of C.N.D ,would like to scrap it and put the money to what he sees as a better use. “We are having a look at all the issues surrounding it” he told Sky News.                                                                                  Mr Corbyn has accepted draft conclusions of an internal defence review, which he commissioned in January.                                                                                                   Whatever the true reason for the 170+ Coup , politicians are adept at the art of Obfuscation, it is clear that Jeremy Corbyn is on trial for his integrity , humanity        and attempting to carry out the job he was elected to do.

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