Portrait of Owen Smith as a Pharmaceutical Drug dealer…


Back in 2006, when Owen Smith was working as the head of Policy and Government relations @  Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals’ UK he thought it would be a good idea to become an M.P , his bosses ,at the American Pharmaceutical giant , agreed.

Surely it would be easier to influence the U.K government from the Inside.

After all that was what he was paid  80K a year for, right.

So the company that makes Viagra was 100%  behind him when he ran in the Blaenau Gwent by-election as a Labour candidate.

The truth is that the average person finds it difficult to empathize with fat cats on the pharma gravy train ,  and so ,he lost.

Well, not to worry , he could still lobby Parliament in the interests of the multinational , the N.H.S ,  as one might imagine, spends a vast amount of tax payers money on Pharmaceutical drugs , the kind that Owens company Produced… And , after all Pfizer had been “extremely supportive” of his aspirations to public office.

Two years later Mr Smith left Pfizer, in September 2008 ,and joined British biotech company Amgen.

He was elected MP for Pontypridd in May 2010 , and eventually became a special advisor for New Labour.

He admitted  that… “obviously having worked there  I am probably a little more understanding than some of those other (parliamentry) members” about Pfizer.

“I don’t work for Pfizer.

I left Pfizer and I am a Labour MP,” he said

Today ,he threw his hat into the ring for the Labour leadership (Re) Election pitching himself as the “Soft Left”…”unity” Candidate…it seems he is ready to do a lot more than just giving old men a hard on…… Could The American Pharmaceutical giant have themselves a future Prime minister?

And if so…Will he give us the “pay as you go ” N.H.S ? With , all new ,” scratch and sniff ” Prescriptions…

And will pfizer go easy on those who survived word war 2 ? Or will it be a level playing field ? After all we do live in a democracy … right ?


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