“New Labour” splinter group will be formed if Jeremy Corbyn remains in power

Ex Big Pharma Smith re – invents himself as a “unity” candidate…after 170+ Labour M.P’s vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn leads to the biggest crisis in the history of the party.


The Labour MPs,  responsible for the “existential crisis” , could be set to form a breakaway party if Jeremy Corbyn wins his leadership battle, it was claimed yesterday.It seems that they are not only prepared to move the goalposts , but , if they lose , they are going to take the ball home.

The M.P’sPlotting to tear apart the party were said to be approaching party donors for funding for the splinter group – dubbed “Continuity Labour” – if challenger Owen Smith fails to oust the hard-Left leader.

Stephen Kinnock – son of former unsuccessful Labour leader Lord “well alright” Kinnock – was wanted by some to head the new party. He may well have his eye on the main prize , but denied any talk of a split on BBC Newsnight  tuesday 19/07 saying he had never held a single conversation regarding the subject.

The plot emerged yesterday prior to leadership hustings  held between Ms Eagle, Mr Smith and Mr Corbyn.

Flash in the pan Eagle has now stood down from the contest….. clearing the way for the former drug company acolyte , Owen Smith , to fight for the leadership of the Labour party against Corbyn,who has connected with both the working class and liberal middle class to an unprecedented   degree .

40,000 have signed up in order to vote in the election within the last 24 hrs , having to pay an extra £25.00 on top of the original £3.00 membership they paid previously.

The groundswell of the last year of Corbyn’s leadership of the  labour party has led to the party becoming the largest ( membership) in Europe ,with over 500,000 members.

It is now overwhelmingly apparent that the M.P’s leading the coup are only prepared to respect the democratic process if it serves their purpose.





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