Pfitzer share price soars as former employee Smith takes the stage…


Pfizer up $4.00 since 27th June.

Speculation that Angela Eagle was acting as storking horse was verified yesterday after she pulled out of labour leadership race,paving the way for former Pfizer employee, Owen Smith to challenge Corbyn in a 2 horse race.
Pfizer share price has rocketed by 4% since the labour 170+ coup and the emergence
of the former Pfizer government lobbyist owen smith as main contender for labour party leadership.
The drug company inverstment of 2400 k (80k a yr for three yrs) in smith now looks like a it could pay a premium with Smith now just a potential 2 steps away from U.K premiership.

A source familiar with the subject said ” the surge could be caused by “event driven hedge funds” positioning themselves early on in the day for an outcome that may or may not arise.

Speculation is mounting that a Smith led Labour party may well be open to some form of back door privatization of the N.H.S, although Smith himself has dismissed any such possibility.

Bloomberg reported in June that :Pfizer’s management is open to any deals that will create value for shareholders .


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