Munich …Live shooter(s) @ large. 10 Dead.Live Updates…….

A state of Emergency has been declared in Munich as an active shooter situation is ongoing ,  with eight deaths already and police still searching for the Shooter (s).@ Olympia shopping Mall and a nearby Mc donalds.

Twitter has joined the fray by offering safe haven for those needing a place to get inside, and away from a potentially deadly scenario on the streets of Munich.

Currently, the hashtag #offenetuer (open door) is guiding those seeking refuge to places where they can find safe haven and get off the streets while police attempt to find the Shooter (s).

Possible far right group responsible..with up to 3 this is the 5th anniversary of the attack by  Anders Behring Breivik. The German authorities are not ruling out any possible motivation @ present.Eye witness reports shooter made remarks in German saying “i am German,i was born here ,i grew up in the area”

Latest tweet by Munich police : one of the dead may be Shooter…as Ninth body just found approx 1 km from scene…

We are verifying the possibility of one dead person being involved in the shooting, , ,

@ least 10 Injured according to emergency services.All public transport systems shutdown.

Local Mosques will be keeping their doors open all night offering sanctuary to any one in need… – Mosques keeping their doors open all night to offer sanctuary to those who have nowhere to go.

Facebook has activated it,’s “Safety check” facility… as police ask for people not to spread rumours on social media.Also not to live stream footage as this may aid the perps.Any video footage should be sent to the Munich Police force via this link:

Important: Please don’t publish Fotos/Videos of .

Please help us and send these files to us under

Press Conference by Munich police @ 2 A.M

UPDATE……………….. We now know the shooter was an 18-year-old German-Iranian acting alone…killing 9 people before turning the gun on himself.


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