BREAKING: One dead after ‘bomb explosion’ at German wine bar Ansbach …

AT LEAST one person has been killed following an explosion at a restaurant in Ansbach, near Nuremberg, and the local mayor has confirmed it is a suspected bomb attack.

#BREAKING… Mayor confirms the explosion at restaurant was a bomb.

Man with a backpack was denied entry to music fest just before explosion.

Reports that theperson killed in explosion is suspected perpetrator…..

The explosion occured shortly after 10pm outside a wine bar near the entrance to an open-air music festival, where there were some 2,500 people in attendance.


Follow UP………

Bomber was detained and fingerprinted in Bulgaria before a mysterious benefactor gave him a free plane ticket to help him get to Germany.

The 27-year-old also bungled a suicide bomb attack in the Bavarian town of Ansbach on Sunday, days before he was to be deported back to Bulgaria.

He first failed to get past ticket collectors into an open-air concert packed with 2,500 music lovers and then set off the detonator but not the bomb itself.

Daleel killed himself in the attack carried out in the name of Islamic State and injured 15 people in a crowded wine bar next to the entrance of the concert, but his heavy black backpack packed with explosives and shrapnel failed to go off



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