Labour leadership election; Corbyn streets ahead.

Jeremy Corbyn may not have the backing of the 170+ Defectors,but the majority of grassroots members – and the bookmakers – are standing firmly behind the Labour leader.
A survey of more than 1,000 Labour members, commissioned by The Times earlier this week, found Corbyn was favourite to win the party’s leadership contest by a margin of more than 20 points.

Cracks were starting to appear in the Smith camp last night when Sarah Champion, who resigned from her post on the front bench less than a month ago, wrote to Jeremy Corbyn this week asking for her role of Shadow Home Office minister back.

Today,Labour party donor, ex showbiz agent, Michael Foster ,who want’s to see the party move to the right,brought a case to the high court challenging Corbyns automatic right to be on the ballot.
If a high court judge rules on Thursday that Jeremy Corbyn must have the support of his MPs to appear on the ballot,Labour could be forced to re-open its nomination process for the leadership contest.The high court is expected to rule on thursday on what now looks like the Only Chance Smith has of becoming anything other than Forgotten.
On Mondays BBC Newsnight Smith said he would be prepared to launch a Nuclear strike on civilian populations , knowingly killing women and children.
“That’s what it’s there for” he said ,referring to trident.


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