4,000-year-old Egyptian Statue Found in Israel

The feet of a 4,000-year old monumental Egyptian statue has been discovered in the Canaanite city of Hatzor, in what is today northern Israel.All that really remains of the limestone carving is the feet, part of the lower legs, and hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian.
But it’s enough for the archaeologists to hypothesize that the statue depicts an Egyptian official, not, for example, a pharaoh or a god.
The scientists are still working on deciphering the writing.The archaeologists think the complete statue is about the size of a fully-grown man. The piece with the stone feet is about 45 x 40 centimeters in size and sits on a square base.
It was found in the ruins of the same building as a sphinx fragment of the Egyptian pharaoh Menkaure, who ruled Egypt in the 25th century BCE.

Source: Israel News Haaretz.com


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