Turkey builds “traitors cemetery”…



Not everything has ground to a halt in the aftermath of the Turkish coup.Behind an animal welfare shelter ,on a piece a waste land, a cemetery is under construction to hold the bodies of coup plotters who died on July 15th.

  Authorities would “reserve a spot and call it a traitors’ cemetery. Passers-by will curse them,” Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas said in remarks carried by the Dogan News Agency. “May every passer-by curse them and let them not rest in their tombs.

Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs issued a directive denying funeral prayers and services for those who died while trying to overthrow the government. Such prayers, it said, were intended for the faithful as an act of exoneration, “but these people, with the action they undertook, have disregarded not just individuals but also the law of an entire nation and therefore do not deserve exoneration from the faithful.”


Andrew Gardner, Turkey researcher for the Amnesty International rights group, said such moves were “contributing to what is a pretty poisonous atmosphere and a dangerous atmosphere” in the aftermath of the failed coup.

“Denying people religious services and decent burial is a basic denial of people’s rights. In any normal circumstances such statements would be unimaginable,” Gardner said.

diggaman.net via Zero hedge



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