Russia under cyber attack…

A cyber attack has been reported by Russian government bodies.

The country’s intelligence service,the Federal Security Service (FSB), said today that a “cyber-spying virus” was found in the networks of about 20 of it’s organisations.
The report comes as Russia stands, falsly, accused over data breaches involving the Democratic Party in the US.
The Russian government has denied involvement and has denounced the “poisonous anti-Russian” rhetoric coming out of Washington.
The FSB did not say who it believed was responsible for hacking Russian networks, but said the latest hack resembled “much-spoken-about” cyber-spying, without elaborating.
Guccifer 2.0 , thought to be Romainian, has admitted to the hack on the DNC server,saying, “It was easy….”

He added :

“A lot of people are concerned if I have any links to special services and Russia?

I’ll tell you that everything I do I do at my own risk. This is my personal project and I’m proud of it. Yes, I risk my life. But I know it’s worth it. No one knew about me several weeks ago.

How can I prove this is true? I really don’t know.

It seems the guys from CrowdStrike and the DNC would say I’m a Russian bear even if I were a catholic nun in fact.

At first I was annoyed and disappointed. But now I realize they have nothing else to say. There’s no other way to justify their incompetence and failure.

It’s much easier for them to accuse powerful foreign special services.”

…He then passed the info to wikileaks….


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