Cornish shipwreck “Darlwyne” found after 50 years…


The wreck of a ship which sank off the coast of Cornwall 50 years ago has been found.
The 23 adults and eight children on board the Darlwyne perished when it disappeared in heavy seas on 31 July 1966.

All the passengers boarded at the Greatwood Hotel in Mylor – 27 were visitors while the mother of 17-year-old Amanda Hicks and her brother Joel, 9, worked at the hotel.

Questions were asked in the House of Commons, as the former Admiralty picket boat was not licensed to carry passengers.

It also had no radio, no more than four life jackets or life buoys and no safe load line marking.

Despite a massive air and sea search, the wreck was never found and only a dozen bodies were recovered.

Diver Nick Lyon said: “The Darlwyne had been forgotten because it sank the day after England won the 1966 World Cup. That’s very much the issue that overshadowed it.”
This is something which is still in living memory and the relatives need some closure, this is an important story for them.”

The tragic story of the Darlwyne is being told at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall through photography, testimony and archive footage.

The Mystery of the Darlwyne is open from April 30 until September 4 at the museum in Falmouth.

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Additional material via The Plymouth herald.


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