Drone killers …

A new joint venture between aircraft manufacturer Airbus and California startup Dedrone is selling a security system that can spot drones miles away and knock them out of the sky.The system uses a network of cameras, radars, microphones, and directional scanners developed by Dedrone that can detect and target a standard commercial drone from seven miles (10 kilometers) away. Airbus’ contribution is a specially developed jammer that disrupts the drone’s communications.”Small drones have until now conquered lower airspace, as criminals discovered this technology for smuggling, espionage and terrorist attacks,” said Dedrone’s CEO Jörg Lamprecht.”We offer an effective solution for this new threat that secures lower airspace once again. Airbus’ and our systems complement each other perfectly, and combine early detection of drones in near and far fields, with the ability to initiate effective countermeasures automatically.”As the popularity of drones has grown, so too have complaints that they are intrusive and, in some cases, dangerous

Source: The Register


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