Would-Be Trump Assassin Michael Sandford has Asperger’s syndrome…Minority report.

At no point in time did Michael Sandford have Trump in his sights,he never even held a weapon in his hand,so are the U.S entering “Minority report” territory with the trial of a young British man with Asperger’s ?
All this case stands on is the alleged intention to commit an act.

The mother of a British man accused of trying to assassinate Donald Trump said Tuesday her son had “a lifetime of mental health problems” and was on suicide watch in a Nevada jail.

Michael Sandford, 20, has autism and Asperger’s syndrome and watches children’s cartoons, according to Lynne Sandford.

She said her son would not have understood the consequences of his actions.

He is accused of attempting to grab a police officer’s gun after asking for the Republican candidate’s autograph at a Las Vegas casino on June 18.

His trial is scheduled for August 22, where he will face charges of disrupting government business and being an illegal alien in possession of a gun. However, his U.K. lawyer argues he is unfit to enter a plea.

Bring him home…..

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