Is Pikachu statue in New Orleans a BANKSY..?


It seemed to appear out of nowhere.

After populating the world with virtual characters, Pokemon Go took on a physical form overnight in New Orleans, when a fibreglass statue of Pikachu appeared in a disused fountain.

The giant pikachu stands with his arms folded on a cement plinth with a Pokeball at his side.
Its mysterious appearance has sparked local rumours that Banksy, the secretive British artist, may have been behind the stunt.

Crowds of people have flocked to the statue ever since word of its arrival spread to pay homage to the global craze.Some have even arrived in costume, posting their selfies online.

New Orleans Police say they are mystified by the statues appearance but say they have no plans to remove it.

New Orleans police , or anyone else for that matter ,may want to verify the statue as a  work by BANKSY ( or not) by contacting “Pest control” here:

Don’t forget to tell them diggaman sent you….


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