Jeremy Corbyn pledges to ‘rebuild Britain’…

Jeremy Corbyn has set out 10 pledges “to rebuild and transform Britain”, as part of his bid to stay Labour leader.Speaking in Dagenham, east London, Mr Corbyn outlined plans to ensure full employment by creating one million jobs building new infrastructure.

Mr Corbyn, who is facing a challenge from Owen Smith, insisted he could lead Labour to victory and rejected claims of a party split if he remained leader.

Mr Corbyn and Mr Smith take part in the first hustings of the campaign later.

The head-to-head debate in Cardiff is one of a series planned across the UK during the contest, which ends on 24 September.
In his speech in London, Mr Corbyn reiterated his claim that the UK’s economic model is “broken” and spoke about how the country can respond.

“We need a Labour government that rebuilds and transforms Britain,” he said, committing to the creation of one million new jobs through investing £500bn in infrastructure, manufacturing and new industries.

He detailed 10 areas Labour would seek to reform, including promises to create full employment, at least half a million new council homes, a new “National Education Service”, providing universal public childcare, and ending private-sector involvement in the NHS.

Mr Corbyn said under his leadership the party would “ignore nobody, forget nobody”, and “at the end of the first term of a Labour government we won’t be talking about left-behind Britain – we’ll be talking about inclusion in Britain”.

Source: BBC News


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