NASA … Mars image dump

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft, has been orbiting Mars since 2006.
Earlier in May, Mars experienced its equinox, according to Popular Science. With the sun shining directly on its equator and lighting up its north and south poles.

In addition, both Mars and the Sun flanked either side of the Earth’s sky, lending us a few weeks of unimpeded communication with Mars. Together, these factors resulted in one of the best image dumps that MRO has taken since its launch.Photos capture the planet’s various terrain, which include dunes, valleys, trenches and craters. To see these images (which have names that range from the simple “Steep Slopes” to the magnificent “Contact between Albor Tholus and Elysium Rise Lava Flows”).

check them out here.

Source: NASA… Mars image dump


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