BMW prepares to challenge Tesla…

BMW will challenge Tesla by increasing its efforts to release electric cars boasting longer ranges, and a fully autonomous car.

BMW are working on “Project i20″… committed to releasing an all-electric car with the autonomous capabilities in late 2021,.

By 2025, the Project i20 car will be fully autonomous.

BMW is also planning to release an updated version of its luxury, all-electric i3 in 2022, and its electric i8 sports car in either 2022 or 2023. BMW will aim to extend the i8’s range to 300 miles for its new release.

BMW’s timeline for releasing a fully autonomous car is behind some of its competitors.

Tesla, meanwhile , is planning to have its driverless technology ready by 2018, and Google is working on completing its driverless car by 2020…
But with the ongoing construction of the gigafactory and spacex’s commitment to the mars project , as well as delivering astronauts to the space station for NASA , Elon Musk has a lot on his plate….


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