REWARD :  $500,000 Dead or Alive, but don’t tell Apple…

Maybe Apple’s bug bounty programme isn’t such a big deal after all, a US-based private company has said it will offer security researchers and white hat hackers up to $300,000 (£231,000) more if they report undisclosed software vulnerabilities concerning Apple products to them , instead of APPLE.

Exodus Intelligence , based in texas , is offering to pay up to $500,000 to providers of undiscovered security vulnerabilities, also known as “zero-day vulnerabilities”, specifically affecting iOS 9.3 and up, which is $300,000 more than Apple itself will pay.

Exodus Intelligence will also pay out for attacks targeting Google Chrome ($150,000), Microsoft Edge ($125,000), and Firefox ($80,000).

According to a report via Motherboard, customers of Exodus Intelligence pay annual subscriptions starting at $200,000 for access to the firm’s database of exploits, with Exodus selling to security firms and antivirus vendors looking to defends users, as well as to clients who want to find their way into protected systems — including government agencies.

Those who answer Exodus Intelligence’s call can expect to get a one-time payment as well as periodical fees based on how long their exploit stays usable.

Payment is available via check, wire transfer, or Bitcoin.



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