The DNC server was “childsplay” for any hacker……Guccifer 2.0

LOng after all the accusations and denials,the barking up the wrong tree and the
misdirection, no one has asked the question that should have been asked in the first place…

How can a server containing such important information be so insecure?
Especially a server linked to an individual that has , according to the F.B.I ,
already put U.S national security @ risk via another server and another bunch of Emails ?
This is an incredible situation…..

Here was the vulnerability….

” The DNC had NGP VAN software installed on their system so I used the 0-day exploit and then deployed my backdoor. The DNC used Windows on their server, so it made my work much easier. I installed my Trojan like virus on their PCs. I just modified the platform that I bought on the hacking forums for about $1.5k.

I’ve been inside the network for pretty long time, so I downloaded a lot of files. I lost access after they rebooted the system on June 12.”
(Guccifer 2.0)

So, it was childs play…the door was wide open, what’s more,the people attempting to become the governors of the worlds greatest superpower left the door wide open.

With all the great minds in the U.S tech world and all the Billions @ the disposal of the Democratic party they commited a schoolboy error.

What does this say about the rest of cyberspace?

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