DCCC Leak :Gwen Graham…U.S. Representative for Florida’s 2nd congressional district …

Gwendolyn “Gwen” Graham (born January 31, 1963)
is an American attorney,

politician and member of the Democratic Party
who is the U.S. Representative for Florida’s
2nd congressional district a district .

The daughter of Bob Graham, a former United States Senator
and former Governor of Florida,
Gwen Graham’s campaign accepted a $5,000 contributi
on from Ron Book, a
former Bob Graham (Gwens father) aide who was caught on tape in
1985 allegedly helping to bribe a politician.
Book also pled no contest to insurance fraud in 1988, pled guilty to illegal contributions in 1995, and in 1985 sought a pardon from Bob
Graham for a reputed cocaine dealer known as El Padrino (the Godfather).
Book had been caughton police surveillance tapes telling the official: ‘I’ll see that you get paid for your time. …I’m there for you. I’m there for whatever you tell me I got to do. How more direct can I be?’”
[Miami New Times,

Book Sought Pardon from Bob Graham for Reputed Cocaine
Dealer …

In 1985, Ron Book was retained by reputed cocaine d
ealer Alberto San Pedro, who was seeking to have a murder-conspiracy conviction expunged, requiring a pardon from Gov. Bob Graham.
“For Ron Book in 1985, Alberto San Pedro was merely
another client.
Book reportedly had been introduced to him by Donald Dugan, a local public relations man and San Pedro confidant. The ex-convict had for 13 years been trying to have the murder-conspiracy conviction expunged from his record. … In a report analyzing his request, the state’s corrections department noted, ‘A highly sensitive police contact indicated that this individual is one of the top te
n cocaine dealers in Dade County. He has his own organization and is known as El Padrino (the Godfather). He is very violent. Informants are
afraid to talk about
him because they know he will kill them.’”
[Miami New Times,

The campaign also accepted $2,600 from Michael “Mic
key” Singer, who was
indicted in 2005 for conspiring to inflate company
profits. Singer escaped his
charges with a $2.5 million settlement.

In 1986, Bob Graham , Gwens father,sold his house to Carlos Cardoe
n, a Chilean man who
would later become known as a notorious arms dealer
that sold cluster bomb
technology to the Hussein regime in Iraq.
“Graham had a different sort of explaining to do ab
out Carlos Cardoen.
In 1986, he bought Graham’s Miami Lakes home for $575,
000 through a middleman and helped raise more than $60,000 for Graham’s first Senate race.

By 1992, U.S. Customs Commissioner Carol Hallett wa
s accusing Cardoen of being one of the world’s most notorious merchants o
f death for allegedly exporting cluster bomb technology via Chile to Sadd
am Hussein’s Iraq, for use against Iran in the 1980s. Cardoen also was acc
used of laundering millions in profits, much of it through Florida real estate.
A Graham spokesman said the $575,000 paid for the house was fair market value.”
[Orlando Sentinel,

Customs Commissioner Called Cardoen “One of the World’s Most Notorious Merchants of Death”
In 1992, civil suits were filed against Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen, with Customs Commissioner Carol Hallett ca
lling him “one of the world’s most notorious merchants of death.”
“But U.S. Customs Commissioner Carol Hallett calledCardoen ‘one
of the world’s most notorious merchants of death’ when civil suits
were filed April 5 charging that Cardoen illegally
shipped cluster-bomb technology to Iraq and laundered money.”
[Miami Herald, 5/04/92]

Cardoen Hosted Fundraiser That Placed Him on “Friends of Bob
Graham” List Until Arms Allegations Surfaced
When Cardoen and his associates hosted a fundraiser that gained Bob
Graham’s 1986 Senate campaign about $29,000, Cardoen was placed
on the campaign’s “Friends of Bob Graham” list. He was removed
when the arms allegations surfaced.

“Sen. Bob Graham was elected with financial help from an
international arms dealer recently accused by the government of
illegally selling bombs to Saddam Hussein’s air force and funneling
the profits back into Florida real estate. Carlos Cardoen and some
Miami-based business associates organized a fund-raising event that
put about [$29,000] into Graham’s 1986 campaign. As a result,
Cardoen became a member of the ‘Friends of Bob Graham,’ an
organization of the senator’s political supporters.But Graham dropped
Cardoen from that group in early April, when U.S. Justice and
Customs officials moved to seize millions of dollars in Florida real
estate owned or controlled by Cardoen. Officials said the property had
been paid for with the profits from illegal arms sales.”
[St. Petersburg
Times, 5/01/92]

In 1984, the Graham family (including Gwen Graham)
was treated to a trip to the South Pacific by an Italian baron.

“For anyone who was seeking tickets for singer Michael Jackson’s Victory Tour last year, Graham had 24 of them — gifts from admirers. The year before, he collected six record albums — gifts from Ella Fitzgerald. He has complimentary memberships in private clubs from Key
Largo to Stuart. And now he has a leather Gucci briefcase, a gift from a
n Italian tycoon, the Baron Vittorio de Nora, and his wife, the Baroness Chanta
l de Nora. They also treated Graham’s wife and daughters to a tour last summer of the South Pacific and hosted the Grahams at their club in Nassau, the Bahamas.”
[Miami Herald,

In April 2004, Graham served as a judge (with magic
ian “Dr. Cocktail”) of a pet/owner look-alike
contest at Graham Park. …

In 2009, Graham refinanced her mortgage with JP Morgan Chase, obtaining a new 30-year mortgage of $266,400, payable by May 1, 2039.

As of 2012, Graham held stocks and other investments valued between $5,442,018 and $26,130,000.
The vast majority ($5 million – $25 million) consists of stock in The Graham Companies, a company co-founded by her father. ..

In 1998 after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, Graham called on President Clinton to resign due to the cover-up surrounding the scandal.
“ Gwen Graham Logan, 35, a Tallahassee homemaker and lawyer, said: ‘If there is evidence that Clinton broke the law, the sexual part of it aside, if he covered up … the moral thing for him to do would be to resign.’”
[St. Petersburg Times,

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