“Audio Wireless Digital Surveillance System 6201 series_10.9.”

Audio Wireless Digital Surveillance System MODEL 6201 series The TSE 6201 system must be regarded as the most powerful handheld Wireless Digital Stereo Transmission system on the market today.

With an operating range of up to 4 km/2.5 miles (depending on field conditions), the TSE 6201 system sets new standards for digital transmission systems.

The TSE 6201 unit combines a range of different functions into one single handheld and portable system that ensures easy operation in a wide range of surveillance ap- plications.

With the TSE 6201 system it is possible to control up to 256 transmitters, making the system extremely versatile in any surveillance operation. One particular feature, which is unique to the TSE 6201 system, is incorporated into the transmitter: when given a remote control command it transmits its status to the receiving unit.

The operator can read this transmitter status in the RX display, there- by being informed of the battery condition, high/low power and mono/stereo and VOX/Cont. The digital transmission method of coding and encryption eliminates un- authorized listening by a third party. The transmitter is frequency tunable.

This means that in case of interference, both the RX and the TX can be retuned to anoth- er channel, where range and audio quality is optimum. The TSE 6201 transmitter can be connected to a Micro Mains Module (TSE 6007-5) where long term surveillance operations are required.


The TSE 6201 is ideal for operations requiring high quality audio, high level security,
long distance monitoring, portable operation, wireless remote control of transmit-
ters, long term installation, and easy installation.


Wireless remote controlled functions

• Mono/stereo

• High power/low power

• VOX/Cont. – voice activation or permanent transmission

• Select between 64 channels

• Switch between 256 transmitters

• High quality stereo

• High level audio encryption

• Self detection of the optimum channel

• TX with or without AGC

• Transmitter status indication

• Repeater function (Optional)

• Easy to operate

TSE 6201-1: Remotely controlled Receiver with digital recorder

The TSE 6201-1 system is the most powerful and versatile digital
stereo transmission system on the market today. It combines a
range of different functions into one single hand-held and porta-
ble system.

With the ability to control up to 256 transmitters, the system is
able to operate in multiple locations simultaneously. For secure
transmission, the TSE 6201-1 system uses a special digital
transmission method of coding and encryption, which eliminates
unauthorized listening by third party.


The TSE 6201-1 is the next generation digital wireless receiver in a new and com-
pact design. All control buttons are placed on the front of the receiver. The display
has a simple layout, which makes it easy for users to operate and utilize the system
to its fullest potential. The TSE 6201-1 uses minimal current consumption, both
when supplied internally or externally. The high remote control output power, when
powered from an external power source, and the receiver’s sensitivity, provide ex-
cellent audio quality in long range operations.

Source:archive.org via diggaman.net


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