The “MIdas System”….

THE MIDAS SYSTEM INCLUDES: Internet and IT Data Interception – This enables the MIDAS system to be used for Internet interception and Data decoding at a local level for Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, Internet interception and decoding, to enable Information gathering.

This facility is still under development.

Mobile Phone Interception and Call Re-Routing/Recording – This enables mobile phone voice and data interception and caller identity discovery and disguising. The system can gather mobile phone network data, record telephone conversations and intercept and record SMS transmissions.

The system can be controlled and monitored remotely, and calls can be instigated by the recorder. Mobile Phone and SIM Card Reading – The MIDAS System incorporates a mobile phone and SIM card reader. Remote Live Video Monitoring –

The MIDAS System incorporates a live video link facility which can be contacted over a clients chosen telecommunications medium. Ghost Phones – The MIDAS System incorporates the use of ghost mobile telephones for the gathering of intelligence data.

Remote Micro Bug Monitoring – This is a complex system of mains, line, RF, GSM and telephone bugs, all accessible through a PSTN phone line from anywhere in the world. This facilitates remote bugging. This is for covert installation within the target building or location.

Key logging – A complex key logging system, incorporating RF and GSM communications to facilitate remote monitoring of a computers keyboard. Key ghost allows an external connection for key logging. Various software packages are also available to e-mail key logging files to a remote location.

Tracking and Remote Control and Recording – Although designed to be a tracking system and a GSM audio recorder, this equipment is in fact so much more.

Signal re-routing and alerts are just one of the advanced features that can be utilized for intelligence gathering. This equipment also interfaces with other equipment to make more advanced products. Micro Audio and Video Recorders –

The MIDAS System incorporates a range of covert audio and video recorders that generate untamperable data for intelligence gathering.

MEDIA Streaming – MIDAS incorporates a media streaming facility which means that at the TCP/IP level of network connection, and with the appropriate media encoding session initiated, network participants can view live video from sources with an associated time delay of between 5 to 10 seconds, which is inherent with the use of such technology.

The quality of the video, as ever, is dependent upon the speed of the telecommunication channel being employed. MC Integration – Midas can be integrated into a GSM/PSTN monitoring system Video Enhancement System – One of the most professional video enhancement systems in the world. Audio Enhancement – One of the worlds most advanced audio enhancement and processing systems.

MIDAS is a revolutionary computer interface system designed to control incoming Intelligence
Information direct from surveillance operations or from post operational activities.

MIDAS can control GSM tracking systems, transmitted video signals from GSM modules,
enhance audio recordings and transfer information between the InterBase intelligence
database, as well as updating all the databases in operation with the latest intelligence.

MIDAS Control of the Quick Enhance Professional Audio Filtration System, allows the operator
to filter out extraneous sounds, noises and music to allow the full recorded information to be
heard for evidential purposes and operational tasking.

MIDAS Control of GSM Tracking Systems makes life easier for the control of surveillance operations…. via


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