Shadow brokers say leaked NSA tools came from RedSeal …..

Messages posted to Pastebin and Tumblr by the mysterious “Shadow brokers”allege the recently leaked NSA files came from a contractor working a red team engagement for RedSeal, a company that offers a security analytics platform that can assess a given network’s resiliency to attack.

The hackers also say it was their original intention to disclose the tools this year during DEF CON.

The note and subsequent blog post from “Brother Spartacus” and “13 Johns” says that an individual known as “Dark Lord” – reported to be a skilled hardware engineer – was working an In-Q-Tel contract to assess the security of RedSeal products.

This red team engagement used a command and control server as a staging point for the leaked NSA tools.

When “Dark Lord” walked off the job, they did so with a copy of the tools that were placed on the C&C server….

Well That sounds like a convenient explanation….So every one is SAFE afterall…..

Exept for the fact that no hacker would ever call himself “Dark Lord”…


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