The ABILITY GSM 3G Intercept…

Interception, Localization and Selective Jamming of 3G (UMTS, WCDMA) Phones Number of 3G subscribers in the world is growing up rapidly.

Defense and security market demands from producers of off-the-air interception systems solutions for 3G phones and their call remains unanswered.

Most popular method used for interception of 3G communications is by using 3G JAMMERS combined with GSM interception systems. The jammers block the 3G channels and 3G phones are forced to migrate to 2G-mode where they can be intercepted.

However, this method has suffers from disadvantages:

1. High power 3G jammers disrupt normal work of 3G networks and it can be easily detected.

2. For interception of a single target, all “innocent” 3G phones in the vicinity of the target are pushed to change into 2G mode.

3. 3G jammer has to be used continually; if it stops operating, 3G phones will return to 3G mode and interception will be eliminated.

Those limitations make usage of such method undesirable and in many cases impossible.

The 3G-CAT introduced by Ability is a unique, advanced, state of the art device that overcomes the above limitations with additional meaningful capabilities.

System main capabilities:

• Multi Network Coverage – automatic detection of 3G networks in all
frequency bands.

• IMSI/IMEI/TMSI Catching – detection of all 3G phones and their identities
(IMSI, IMEI and TMSI) for the networks of interest.

• Extended Mobile Parameters – detection of additional parameters such as
model of mobile phones and country of origin.

• Mobile location – distance to 3G phones is presented with accuracy of less
than 30m.

• Force into 2G-Mode – 3G-Cat forces only selected 3G phones into 2G-mode
for interception by other 2G systems. Once forced 3G Phones will remain in
2G-mode forever until reboot. This unique feature makes possible and convenient
interception of 3G phones by passive and active 2G interception systems.

• Selective “Blocking” – 3G-Cat can completely block selected 3G phones.

Such phones will not be able to communicate in all networks including 3G and 2G.

• Selective “Jamming” – 3G-Cat can efficiently work as an intellectual 3G jammer
and jam all 3G phones in only selected networks.

3G-CAT can be used either as a stand-alone device or integrated with Ability’s IBIS,

GTReS of AGIS systems. It can also be integrated with GSM interception systems of other vendors……………


17 Hatzefira St, Tel Aviv, Israel 67779 | Tel +972 3 687 9777 | Fax +972 3 537 6483


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