For Sale :Equation group toolkit $8K…..@1×0123

Back in April, a hacker that goes by the nickname of 1×0123 revealed he found an SQL injection flaw on one of the servers of Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian firm involved in the massive data leak known as Panama Papers.

1×0123 also  informed Edward Snowden of a blind XSS in the Piwik self-hosted analytics services used on the Freedom of the press foundation website…

Now he is back…and he claims he has the other half of the recently-leaked NSA hacking toolkit for sale with the filename ““…

On Sunday, he posted on Twitter that he was selling the entire archive of files for the bargain price of $8K…

“how the fuck someone gonna pay 1 million dolla for NSA exploits since we are selling them for 8000$ ? , GTFO”


“We are selling NSA/Equation Group Dump For 8000$ , anyone intrested can DM Me for more info…”



This is his Blog….

And related website     where u can learn how to :

Hack millions of devices with 0 skills!


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