For Sale :Banksy Gangsta Rat (Pink) 2005…



Banksy (British, b. ca. 1974) Gangsta Rat (Pink), 2005 Screenprint 19.7 x 13.8 in. (50.04 x 35.05 cm.) Signed and numbered edition of 46, with COA from Pest Control Banksy is unquestionably the most famous urban artist to have emerged from the British Street scene. Of all Banksy’s motifs, the Rat is perhaps the most instantly recognizable. It has appeared in Banksy’s work from the very beginning and comes in many characters and guises – Gangsta Rat, Love Rat, Radar Rat etc. The Rat symbolizes for the artist the ordinary working man who has no real power in society and who is despised by the Establishment in just the same way that rats are despised by society. The rat is also seen by the artist as a subversive character – individually rats are tiny and harmless but when there are thousands of them they have the power to bring society to its knees just as the ordinary working man has the power to change society if he unites. The Gangsta Rat is a rare print from the edition of 46 rather than the regular edition of 150. The regular edition is in a red colourway rather than the hot pink of the 46 edition. The print is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity from Pest Control.



<p>Source: <a href=””>Banksy – Gangsta Rat (Pink) For Sale …</a></p>



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