#NSA Samples are @ ??? @1×0123

Below is a little help in solving the enigma…..Courtesy of


The latest clue to the whereabouts of the Equation grp tools dump:

<title>ng crypto</title> I can’t help anymore 🙂

This might help….


ng-crypto provides a simple service to encrypt and decrypt data using AES (using crypto-js](https://code.google.com/p/crypto-js/))

Install (bower)

  • bower install ng-crypto


  • add dependency (‘ng-crypto’) to angular
  • setup the encryption key in your config
app.config(['$cryptoProvider', function($cryptoProvider){


app.controller('ExampleController', function($scope, $crypto) {
  var encrypted = $crypto.encrypt('your text');
  var decrypted = $crypto.decrypt(encrypted);

or you can use a custom key everytime

app.controller('ExampleController', function($scope, $crypto) {
  var encrypted = $crypto.encrypt('your text', 'a key');
  var decrypted = $crypto.decrypt(encrypted, 'a key');

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